One video is a bad idea

Video is integral in today’s world to promote your business, to enhance your brand, to provide advice, training and feedback. There’s really no argument here.

The mistake that is often made is  when all the important information about your business or product is crammed into one video and you think that it’s all done for the next few years.

The way social media works and the way we consume information today means this really does not work. In fact, it is a bad idea to spend the money, time and resources to make just one video.

Alpha Omega, a video production company based in Sydney, Australia believes that offering a one video package is actually a disservice to its clients.

So rather than encouraging your business to make a promotional video, Alpha Omega offers a package where we produce a series of short videos that can be released over time.

Releasing short videos over time means you are kept in the forefront of the conversation. Your brand awareness grows, which leads to increased opportunities to bring your product or service to the people who are looking for it.

A series of videos will become the powerful marketing tool your business needs to increase your customer base and your sales.

Alpha Omega Video offers an easy solution where you have regular video content over time, with small monthly payments, to help spread out the cost of producing high quality video content.

Fixed today Plumbing is one example of a business that has realised the importance of ongoing video content to raise brand awareness and engage customers on an ongoing basis. Alpha Omega Video spent a day filming high quality content, which is produced into short videos released once a month. By doing this, Fixed Today enhances its presence on social media and keeps their brand at the forefront. Have a look at the first video released, “Sick of Dodgy Plumbers?”

Our goal is to help you get the best from your videos. We work with you to find a solution that gets the right type of video for your business. It will increase your brand awareness so that anyone who sees the video will know it’s your business. This doesn’t happen overnight. It is ongoing and needs to be done in a way that attracts people. After all you are competing with millions of videos that appear on the internet every day.

Having a video to promote your business is a bad idea.

Having a series of professional videos released over time will bring results.

You know your business. Alpha Omega knows videos. We can partner with you to bring these results.


The Silence Barrier There’s no argument, using high quality videos to promote your business are a must, and Alpha Omega Video is at the forefront of delivering videos that work. Captions are a key element in today’s social media age to ensure your videos have maximum reach. We often watch videos while on the toilet, or in a noisy public space. In fact about 85% of people watch videos on their  social media feed with the sound off. Captions help you get past the silence barrier. Without captions you will lose a large chunk of your customers, even if you have the best videos that money can buy. Your news feed on Facebook is now filled with short videos that feature text or captions narrating what’s being shown on screen. While most of these videos feature voice over and background music, the intent is to make it easy for people.

Finding a way out of these difficult times for businesses is fraught with many challenges and obstacles, but with the right strategies there are also many rewards. During the COVID-19 lockdown and the coming months it is important to plan and put in place these strategies, so you are prepared for future growth. Alpha-Omega Video is committed to helping businesses in Sydney and NSW to develop the right tools that will give them a head start as the economy opens up.

Just like going to the gym once won’t make you fit, your future marketing needs to be ongoing to be effective. Alpha Omega Video’s COVID-19 growth strategies for business is about producing professional videos that regularly reach the target market for your business. This is about the long term, and this is about results.

For over 25 years Alpha Omega Video has honed its stills, to be at the forefront in cutting edge dynamic promotional videos. Your business is unique and so with that in mind Alpha Omega partners with you to find the best promotional video strategy. It’s about understanding your business, your clients, your market and building a series of professional videos that bring results.

There is no quick fix, there are no shortcuts, even if the latest get rich quick book says there is, it’s just smoke and mirrors. Talk to Alpha Omega for a no obligation analysis of the type of promotional video package that will help you move forward and find success as we emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic.


People with drones are being warned it can be an offence to fly their machines near bushfires.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority can issue fines for flying a drone in a way that puts aircraft at risk.

CASA can issue fines of up to $900. If the matter is taken to court fines can be imposed up to $9000.

With bush fire grounds buzzing with aircraft flying at low altitudes drones can be a real safety hazard.

A collision between an aircraft and a drone could cause an accident, with helicopters most at risk.

Drones flown near bush fires are also likely to force aerial firefighting activities to cease, setting back fire operations and putting the public at greater risk.

Find out about the drone safety rules.

Remember to fly drones more than 30 metres from people and property, never fly over crowds of people, keep drones in sight at all times, never fly at night and never fly near other aircraft.

Watch a drones and bushfire video.

PERTH’S biggest council has restricted recreational drone use on public property to two reserves, effectively banning them from beaches as local governments grapple with their booming popularity.

The City of Stirling’s moves to regulate drone use come as the WA Local Government Association vows to work with its members to establish a common position early next year.

Whether a beginner, a serious aviation enthusiast, or just a fan of gadgets, many of you will have received drones as Christmas gifts.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have surged in popularity and affordability in recent

years, and there’s no doubt that recreational drone use is on the rise as a result.

The Bunnings sausage sizzle drone was funny, but illegal. Much worse though are the fools who think they can fly their drone near a bushfire to get a great photo or video. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has today reissued their warning regarding drones in bushfire areas after a drone was spotted near operations in Sydney.

The recreational drone was spotted near water bombing operations at a fire in Western Sydney last Friday. CASA has been issuing warnings about drone use in bushfire areas since 2015, and their simple message is “if you fly – they can’t” referring to the aerial support for bushfire-fighters on the ground.