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Training & Educational Video Production

Employee and Contractor Induction Video Production

As a professional video production company, we believe a well thought out video can be used as an excellent tool for part of your training, and Induction requirements.

Employee and Contractor Induction Video Production offers long-term savings and guarantees high quality consistent training and induction resources.

Video is perfect for ensuring all areas of OH&S legislation are met.

Up to date Employee and Contractor Induction Video Production can be easily updated when required. This means your training and induction information is accurate and always up to date.

Talk to Alpha Omega Video about your Employee and Contractor Induction Video Production requirements. Call David on 0413 75 43 43 

  • Strathfield Council Educational Videos for Schools

    Strathfield Council Educational Videos for Schools

    Alpha Omega Video teamed up to produce a series of videos that featured an animated character, Bin Man Benny to help educate Primary age School Students on how to handle waste. Animation can add an extra element or form an integral part of any video.

  • Weldcorp Info Videos

    Weldcorp Info Videos

    Weldcorp’s videos released over 18 months are both a How To and Promotional Video of Welcorp products.

  • Greater Flexibility Using a Green Screen

    Greater Flexibility Using a Green Screen

    Alpha Omega Video shot episodes of REEF TV in a Green Screen Studio. Green Screens allow for greater flexibility with what backgrounds you have and how graphics are incorporated into the finished product.

  • Hyundai Review

    Hyundai Review

    Reviews of products or services can be a way of promoting your business which also provides a service to your customers and increases your brand awareness.

  • Tommy Cooks Top Tip

    Tommy Cooks Top Tip

    Providing, tips, how to and other information in your Videos can help draw people to your business and increase brand awareness.

  • Alcoa Induction Video Excerpt

    Alcoa Induction Video Excerpt

    Inductions are an important part for many businesses when new employees start or when visitors come on site. Doing the Induction in the form of a Video reduces costs in the long run and ensures accuracy for all those inducted onto the site.

  • Excerpt: Bagtrans Induction Video

    Excerpt: Bagtrans Induction Video

    Putting on a seat belt seems like common sense, however sometimes you need to state the obvious in Inductions Videos, so everyone gets it right.

  • MSA Animation

    MSA Animation

    Using Animation to teach and inform is an effective way to reach your audience and give them tools for solving problems.

  • Rondo How to

    Rondo How to

    Alpha Omega Video can produce a simple step by step video to help your customers make better use of your products.