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Live Streaming with Alpha Omega Video

In today’s environment Live Streaming Video Production has become a necessity for live events, such as Conferences, Training days, and Employee communications. Alpha Omega Video has the expertise to not only video your event but deliver quality streaming video production. Using a state-of-the-art bonded cellular encoder ensures stable high quality internet connectivity for your stream.

Alpha Omega Video’s experienced streaming video production Sydney team do a test day before your event to ensure the Live Streaming Video Production delivers a high-quality result on the day of your Conference or other live event.

Alpha Omega Video also makes it possible to incorporate remote speakers into your streaming video production. Remote speakers are then not only part of the live event at the venue but are also part of the live stream. The flow of the event switches seamlessly between presenters live in the room and those beaming in remotely from anywhere in the world.

The live Streaming Video production is then edited to incorporate motion graphics and music. This is delivered to clients and attendees via a streaming video production platform that includes interactive menus with downloadable files and links. The platform provides added security, where the live streaming video cannot be shared by viewers.

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  • Delivering Complex Streaming Solutions

    Delivering Complex Streaming Solutions

    ANZGMU needed a way to deliver its yearly Medical update conference over 3 days. With many speakers  and participants not being able to attend in person due to COVID 19 restrictions.

    Alpha Omega Video provided a solution that enabled the conference to go ahead and opened new opportunities.

    A dedicated streaming page was setup on ANZGMU’s web page, where delegates could login to watch the stream.

    Sessions were either presented locally at Westmead Hospital or remotely from places as far away as  the UK, US, India and New Zealand as well as remote locations across Australia.

    Remote speakers were beamed into the Conference Venue on the big screen, as well as streamed to those watching the Conference on the Website.

  • 6 Remote Speakers

    6 Remote Speakers

    Remote speakers could interact with delegates at the venue as well delegates watching the stream. This enabled panel discussions with some panel members being local and some being remote.

    One session had a total of 6 remote speakers, and 6 local speakers all interacting through their presentations.

    Delegates watching the stream could ask questions and interact with both the speakers at the venue and the speakers presenting remotely.

    On average each session had approx. 60 delegates watching the stream and about 30 in the room. This far exceeded the client’s expectations, and the numbers were higher than their previous Conferences, which were only delivered locally.

    Alpha Omega Video offered a 2 Camera Production which was then produced with motion graphics, PowerPoints and music to be uploaded to ANZGMU’s Vimeo site.

    We exceeded the client’s expectations, and they plan to deliver  future conferences using the streaming solutions Alpha Omega Video Provided.

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